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Operating Worldwide, Triton Diving Services Ltd aims to provide a superior, well managed underwater service.

  • Hull Cleaning

    Underwater cleaning
    & propeller polishing

  • Hull inspection

    Underwater surveys and inspections

  • International hull cleaning

    Hull cleaning

  • Triton Diving Services, hull cleaning

    Hull cleaning

  • Blanking


  • Underwater hull cleaning Malta

    Underwater hull cleaning

  • Underwater Repairs and Maintenance

    Underwater Repairs and Maintenance

  • Underwater Propeller Polishing

    Propeller polishing

  • Propeller Repair

    Propeller Repair

  • Global offshore work

    Offshore work

  • Offshore work by Triton Diving Services

    Offshore work

  • Offshore Oil and Gas

    Offshore work

  • Underwater Welding

    Underwater Repairs & Maintenance
    Underwater Welding

  • Thickness gauging

    Underwater Survey

  • Welding


  • Top Side Repair

    Top Side Repair

  • Windlass Repair

    Windlass Repair

  • Top Side Repair

    Top Side Repair

  • Professional Load Testing

    Load Testing

  • Underwater blanking

    Underwater blanking

  • Load Testing Gangway

    Load Testing Gangway